What’s the Secret of Winning Big on Qiu Qiu Sports Wagers?

What’s the secret of winning big on sports wagers? Well, try asking 10 big-time bettors about the fundamental rules that guide their betting activity. You can be sure that top of the list will be this one: only bet when the odds are right.

When all’s said and done there are two ways to bet on sports – smart and stupid.

When it comes to sports wagering, bookies have always been in control. They set the odds and their sole aim is to manipulate the market in their favour, so that they win no matter what.

That was then!

Now, stand by for person-to-person betting. When you log on to TradeSports you take the bookie out of the equation, along with the vig that pays the mortgage on his mansion.

After pioneering a unique sports trading exchange which brought all buzz of trading Wall Street stocks to the sports arena, TradeSports has now launched a new Betting Screen interface which makes the trading concept more accessible to the sports bettor who is more familiar with the language of sports wagering.

TradeSports is a true exchange. It’s not a sportsbook.

TradeSports takes no position on any of the events its members bet on – it makes its money by charging a small commission on each bet. Just like in a stock exchange, it’s the players themselves that decide the prices or odds and the odds on any bet rises and falls depending on market sentiment.

Steve in Cincinnati thinks one thing, Joe in Jacksonville thinks the opposite. Up to now, they could go to two different bookies, both of whom would take a vig and thus offer a price reflecting the fact that because he has to balance his book (so that he can turn a profit), his odds are not what they might be.

With exchange betting, it’s different. When Qiu Qiu buyers and sellers come together in a fair market, the result is better odds for everyone. Why would somebody offer you 2-1 against a team when a bookie is only going 7-4? Because that person does not have a book to balance and feels strongly that the team will lose.

It took the power of the internet to finally give bookies something to think about. Previously, you could never have brought enough people together to form a proper market.

Now it’s happening – thanks to TradeSports.

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