Togel Hongkong
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Every Slot machine is different, but they all work pretty much the same. Add a token or money in to the slot machine and pull the lever or push the button depending on the type of slot machine to start the reels spinning.

The basic object of the game is to match three symbols on a line whether they are cherries, BAR symbols or just about anything, depending on the theme of the slot. Different variants of the game may pay out on less than 3 identical symbols, or may have “wild” symbols. Payouts differ depending on what symbols were matched on a line, which are typically different for each style of machine – though payouts should be clearly indicated on the machine itself.




The gambling strategy for online slots is extremely similar to the strategy used for standard slot machines, only on a grander scale.

Standard slots are programmed to pay out after they have taken in so much. The casinos maintain a strict 1% advantage over the players. So once the machine has taken it’s quota of 51% it will then begin to pay out the required 49%.


Keeping this in mind, pick one machine (or online casino game in particular) and invest in an hour’s worth of playing at different times throughout the day. Most machines are on a cycle so that they tend to pay off at the same time every day or couple of days. Pick a set amount of money to spend, say $40 on quarter slots. Play that amount 1 credit at a time, cash out every time until you have spent just the $40 you started with.


Now count your winnings. Keep a journal of your Togel Hongkong winnings or losses and the times of day that you achieved them. Once you have established a good time, increase your stake money to $100 and bet max credits every time.


Establishing good patterns is the key to online slots. Slots oriented online casino games are not random at all, contrary to popular belief, they are programmed, like we said earlier, to pay once they have taken in so much money.


By using our slots diary you will be able to track multiple games, and only play when others have paid in and the games are ready to pay.




Slot Machines are the easiest and the least expensive casino games to play online. Few people make millions playing slots, but it is a fun game that can give even the most seasoned gambler a break from the “higher stress” games. Slots personifies the label, “game of chance”, and although there is absolutely no way of influencing the outcome of any spin, there are ways to improve your play. First and foremost, check the odds of the game.


One slots game can be completely different from the next, but a good rule of thumb is that the higher the value of coins it requires, the higher the odds. Also, be sure to pay attention to whether or not the game is a three-reel machine, or a four-reeler.


Four-reel games will generally have higher payouts, but three-reels produce substantially better odds for the player. Bankroll management, as with any other game, is as important as any other strategy. Based on a 10 spins per minute model at a 90 % payout rate with a maximum three coin bet, you should expect to wager the following amounts:

Nickel Machine – $9.00 per hour

Quarter Machine – $45.00 per hour

One Dollar Machine – $180.00 per hour

Five Dollar Machine – $900.00 per hour

If you are lucky enough to repeatedly hit the jackpot, but don’t have the sense to quit when you’re ahead, you must establish a sensible bankroll control so that you can manage your money and make Slots more enjoyable.







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