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Launch of new online casino portal that offers free gambling tips, strategies, 3D games, news and more.

Honolulu, May 30, 2001 – Info2Success announced the launch of, an online casino portal.


The new interactive gaming website contains free 3D online casino games, online gambling tips and strategies for Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, Roulette, Slots and Video Poker.


This casino portal finds and lists online casino sites giving away free cash to casino players and will only list gaming sites with full casino licenses.


“The site attracts casino players and gamblers from all over the world.” said Mr. Potemkin


Slot Buddy -Slot Players Dream . No more using the buckets , never have a hard time retreiving your coins . Great for advertising your casino logos .


Slot Buddy is a tool for retreving your coins from slot machines . You never have to worry about dropping and spilling your coins , they stay in the Slot Buddy .


What is SlotBuddy™?


SlotBuddy™ is a new and helpful tool now available to all ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล slot machine users. This innovative tool is used to automatically catch coins from slot machines as they drop. The unique patented design provides several advantages to serious slot machine users, from novice to professional. There is no training needed and SlotBuddy™ comes with a complete 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.


For further information, see benefits for slot users, casinos and promotional marketing.


Some Benefits of SlotBuddy™ Include:

Eliminate hand and finger scrapes, bruises and cuts from manually scraping metal trays for coins.

Reduce the spread of germs and bacteria from hundreds or thousands of hands that have previously touched each coin tray or coin bucket.

Conveniently carry coins from slot machine to slot machine, to other table games, or even to dinner with the built in easy to carry handle.

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Slot users with arthritis, hurt fingers or hands, or other limitations can now collect their coins quickly and easily.

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Benefits to Casinos Include:

Reward and endure your best slot users with a custom printed SlotBuddy™. (Free custom screen print with name and logo on orders of 500 or more.)

Generate recurring and lasting marketing impressions as …

Thai government to consider casinos in resort town

The Thai government may consider setting up casinos in the seaside resort town of Pattaya, the chief advisor to Thailand’s ruling Thai Rak Thai party said, according to a media report.

Thai Rak Thai’s Snoh Thienthong told a packed meeting mulling the issue in Pattaya that the government’s advisors would consider the plan if it was backed by public hearings, a Nation newspaper report said Saturday.


“My suggestion is for the Chon Buri governor to conduct public hearings and submit conclusions to the government’s advisory team,” Snoh was quoted as saying.


“We want to know potential problems so we can help you find solutions.”


Pattaya, famed as much for its raunchy nightlife as its beaches, is located in Chon Buri province, 150 kilometres south of the capital.


“The world has changed and we must adapt,” the Federation of Thai Industry’s Surachai Chaitrakulthong reportedly said at the meeting.


“Casinos will bring a lot of income and jobs and we have all the necessary facilities in Pattaya.”


Public sentiment in predominantly Buddhist Thailand has led to the rejection of all previous proposals to open casinos here.


Nevertheless, Thais are huge gamblers.


In January this year, officials said some 130 billion baht (3.0 billion dollars) was being lost every year to casinos across the border in Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos.


The staggering outflow of funds, at 18 UFABet casinos strategically located next to border checkpoints which host an estimated 500,000 gamblers annually, prompted the government to launch a study into a licensing casino scheme.


No results have yet been publicised.


Govt to consider casinos for Pattaya (Thailand)


Govt to consider casinos for Pattaya


BANGKOK – The Thai government may consider setting up casinos in the seaside resort town of Pattaya, the chief adviser to Thailand’s ruling Thai Rak Thai party said.


Leading support for the proposal to set up casinos in the resort town, Thai Rak Thai’s Mr Snoh Thienthong said that such a project could help bring income and jobs.


He told officials and businessmen who packed Pattaya’s town hall to discuss the issue that government advisers were ready to consider the plan if it was backed by public hearings.


‘My suggestion is for the Chon Buri governor to conduct public hearings and submit conclusions to the government’s advisory team,’ he said. ‘We want to know …

Virtual Evolution of Situs Judi Online24Jam Terpercaya 2021

Software Provider Launches the Next Generation of Online Slots

More than reels will be spinning soon as Internet software provider Playtech unveils its newest line of virtual interactive slot machines. “Playtech’s new slot project will open the online market to a variety and quality of innovative slot machines rarely seen in virtual casinos today,” said Esther Abramowicz, Marketing Director for Playtech. “We are launching a mul-titude of feature-rich slots with a degree of graphics and designs that are unprecedented. Some of these slot machines are available in land-based casinos but we are the first supplier to bring such popular games to a virtual casino.”

Playtech, who first entered the online gaming industry in 1999, has pleased players and casino operators alike since the initial release of their software in late 2000. Their new software offers players the choice of entering the virtual casino doors instantly through their web browser or by quickly download-ing the free software program to their own computer (PC or Mac). The eagerly anticipated release demonstrates an even higher level of player participation through decision making, which translates to the most realistic gaming experience you can have without heading to a bricks-and-mortar casino.

“Most of Playtech’s newly added slot machines are inter-active and offer much more player input during the session of play, thus they are more exciting to the end user,” said Abramowicz. “In addition, some of them even offer bonus rounds enabling players to win relatively high stakes not often seen in non-progressive games, ranging from tens of dollars to as high as thousands of dollars.”

Playtech’s original slot selection offered a wide range of Internet mainstays such as three-reeled progressive slots like Safecracker and Magic Slots and five-reeled favorites like Diamond Valley and Fruit Mania. Their new project, however, features a higher level of variety, interactive capa-bility, and innovation for Slots, Video Poker and Blackjack. The new games include three and five-reel bonus stage slots and special multi-spin slots that allow players to decide how to continue playing by letting them hold certain reels. “The ‘hold’ feature has become very popular in the next generation land-based slot machines. We believe that they will draw as much attention online as they have in the land-based casinos,” said Abramowicz.

Despite these impressive additions to the software reper-toire, Playtech has no intention of resting on their laurels. “Our primary objective is to become the market leader in …

What’s the Secret of Winning Big on Qiu Qiu Sports Wagers?

What’s the secret of winning big on sports wagers? Well, try asking 10 big-time bettors about the fundamental rules that guide their betting activity. You can be sure that top of the list will be this one: only bet when the odds are right.

When all’s said and done there are two ways to bet on sports – smart and stupid.

When it comes to sports wagering, bookies have always been in control. They set the odds and their sole aim is to manipulate the market in their favour, so that they win no matter what.

That was then!

Now, stand by for person-to-person betting. When you log on to TradeSports you take the bookie out of the equation, along with the vig that pays the mortgage on his mansion.

After pioneering a unique sports trading exchange which brought all buzz of trading Wall Street stocks to the sports arena, TradeSports has now launched a new Betting Screen interface which makes the trading concept more accessible to the sports bettor who is more familiar with the language of sports wagering.

TradeSports is a true exchange. It’s not a sportsbook.

TradeSports takes no position on any of the events its members bet on – it makes its money by charging a small commission on each bet. Just like in a stock exchange, it’s the players themselves that decide the prices or odds and the odds on any bet rises and falls depending on market sentiment.

Steve in Cincinnati thinks one thing, Joe in Jacksonville thinks the opposite. Up to now, they could go to two different bookies, both of whom would take a vig and thus offer a price reflecting the fact that because he has to balance his book (so that he can turn a profit), his odds are not what they might be.

With exchange betting, it’s different. When Qiu Qiu buyers and sellers come together in a fair market, the result is better odds for everyone. Why would somebody offer you 2-1 against a team when a bookie is only going 7-4? Because that person does not have a book to balance and feels strongly that the team will lose.

It took the power of the internet to finally give bookies something to think about. Previously, you could never have brought enough people together to form a proper market.

Now it’s happening – thanks to TradeSports.

The word …

Ligaz11 Review of According to Doyle

Few would argue that Doyle Brunson is one of the greatest poker players who has ever lived. His exploits and expertise at the table are legendary. He has twice won the main event at the World Series of Poker, and is sixth on the WSOP all-time money list, despite not playing in the event since 1998. When “Texas Dolly” talks poker, wise people listen. According to Doyle is a collection of his tales aggregated from the pages of Gambling Times and Poker Player.


If the book were written by another writer, I’d probably call it a collection of essays, but these are most definitely stories, and one can easily imagine the author leaning back and reciting the events this book chronicles in the same manner that storytellers have done since before the age of Homer. Each story has a message for poker players using one or more examples from Brunson’s past. They way the author approaches poker may be “old school”, but his understanding of the game cannot be questioned, and his advice is timeless.


Through his writing we also get a glimpse of the life of the professional ligaz11 poker player before the explosion of casino poker that has occurred over the last 20 years. Today, most poker professionals play in a public card room, with good security and often with table-side food service and several games to choose from. In the days when Brunson was accumulating his bankroll, it was all illegal or quasi-legal home games, marathon sessions, and the constant risk of being “hijacked”. It was a different world with which today’s poker players are largely unfamiliar. In According to Doyle we get a feel for what those days were like, and I feel fortunate that we have this record.


Other reviewers of this book have commented that while it is entertaining, this book won’t help a person improve their game much. While there are certainly better books for improving the quality of the reader’s poker game, I believe that more than a little wisdom can be found in Brunson’s stories. If the reader is looking for advice on how to play certain hands in certain situations, they won’t find any in this book. If a player wants to get inside the mind of a poker champion, to find out what makes a great player tick, and to see how they approach the game …

High Stakes SA Gaming Legislation

Controversy continued to mount Thursday over the issue of Internet gambling, which appeared headed for a U.S. government ban earlier this week. A vote on a pending House of Representatives bill could come as early as next week.

The Internet Gambling Prohibition Act was the subject of heated negotiations in the House on Tuesday, and by Thursday the fate of the bill was still unclear. The Senate has already approved a similar bill.

At the center of the controversy is language in the House bill that seems to allow consumers to place inter-state wagers over the Internet, wagers that are illegal under all other circumstances.

Playing the Horses

The proposed law, sponsored by U.S. Rep. Bob Goodlatte, (R-Virginia) and U.S. Rep. Billy Tauzin, (R-Louisiana) has raised the ire of online gambling opponents because it includes exemptions for horse racing and other sports that allow pari-mutuel wagering. Although dog racing and jai alai would also fall under this category, the critics are focusing on horse racing.

On Thursday, Goodlatte and Tauzin, struggling to gain passage of the bill, agreed to amend some of its language so it would no longer appear to endorse activities that are now illegal. Goodlatte and Tauzin still strongly defend their effort, saying the bill is designed to stop the growth of Web sites that allow people to wager money on casino games through their home computer, regardless of whether casinos are legal in their state.

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) contends the bill is inadequate because it would enable home-based computer users to routinely place illegal bets. With the weight of the Justice Department behind the mounting opposition, the bill has stalled in the House Commerce Committee.

Gambling Laws Behind the Curve

Gambling is currently illegal in the United States, unless allowed and regulated by state law. Every U.S. state has gambling statutes to determine the type and amount of legal SA Gaming gambling permitted. With the development of the Internet, however, prohibitions and regulations governing gambling have become outdated, according to many industry observers.

Some legal analysts say that current federal law does not clearly provide that using the Internet to operate a gambling business is illegal. The view is that the closest useful statute is the Wire Act, which prohibits gambling over telephone wires; however, because the Internet does not always travel over telephone wires, the Wire Act — placed on the books …

Televised Poker

The whole poker community owes Late Night Poker a huge debt of gratitude. Thanks to this show, we now have a plethora of programmes on tournaments and poker “characters,” which in turn has led to the poker sponsorship that we’ve all been waiting for.

That’s great stuff … well, not all of it is.

Take Late Night Poker, for instance. That programme, revolutionary as it was, could have been a whole lot better. I did one of the commentaries with Jesse May, and as much as I enjoyed it, I was annoyed that the editing was so poor. One minute, we would all be looking at Player X, well endowed with a mountain of chips, and the very next frame, the same player would be nursing a miniscule stack. Where did all of his ammo go? Could I explain to the viewers that he’d suffered some bad beats? Nope — the powers that be didn’t care. Could we have heard more of what the players were saying to each other, as some of it was very funny and provocative? Nope — television likes long, silent, “dramatic” moments.

How about the Poker Million? The first series held in the Isle of Man was fantastic, probably because it was live and therefore had no editing to interfere with John Duthie’s magical performance. As for the following two series, well, I wonder if the office of fair trading would be interested in a programme with a title that bore about as much resemblance to its contents as Arnold Schwarzenegger does to Tobey Maguire. And how about cancelling one series just three weeks before filming? Many poker players were left fuming about their travel arrangements that then had to be scrapped.

On to the World Poker Championships, recently televised in Dublin’s fair city. This was the first European poker tournament that was shot “on location,” and because of that, there were many unexpected problems. It’s obviously a whole lot easier to film in a studio than in a Grade 2-listed Georgian town house with four flights of stairs. Cramming two poker tables, an audience, and a camera crew into such a confined space meant there were many delays. Filming two heats a day resulted in the cameramen working from 9 a.m. to 3 a.m. the following day. They were not happy bunnies, nor were the players who expected to be starting at 3 p.m. …

Nevada Passes Judi Bola Online Gaming Bill

Nevada lawmakers on Monday passed historic legislation that paves the way for legalized online gambling in the state.

The bill, which had been making its way through the state legislature over recent weeks, was caught last week in a legislative roadblock that threatened to kill the initiative. But hard work by its supporters and an effort to join the bill with another piece of legislature ultimately proved successful.

Senators voted 17-4 in favor of the Internet wagering measure, which had been attached to a work card bill for gaming employees to ensure its success. The bill then moved on to the governor’s office, where Governor Kenny Guinn is expected to give it the final stamp of approval in the next few days.

Opponents of the bill argued that the $500,000 licensing fees would prevent smaller casinos from entering the lucrative online gaming market. But supporters claim that the high price of entry will ensure that only reputable companies launch Internet gaming ventures.

Proponents of the bill have long argued that Nevada has a duty to lead the way in the growing field of online gaming. Bill Bible, president of the Nevada Resort Association, noted that, “The important thing is that [the bill] maintains Nevada’s leadership in legalized gaming throughout the world.”

This does not open the doors for the immediate launch of online casinos, however. The Nevada Gaming Commission must now draft and adopt a strict set of regulations before it was even in a position to offer Internet gambling licenses. That process could take anywhere from 18 to 24 months.

The state will also have to deal with the U.S. Department of Justice, which views online wagering as illegal. Brick-and-mortar casinos wanting to cash in on the highly lucrative online gaming market will likely challenge that position, however.

Stay tuned to for reactions from the interested parties as this story continues to develop.

Net Gambling’s Roller Coaster Ride

The past week has been a bit of a roller coaster ride in the world of online Judi Bola Online gambling, filled with a very significant high and a series of stomach-turning lows.

On the positive side, Nevada has finally given its approval to Internet gambling. The decision comes after months of wrangling, votes, near-collapses of the motion, and a final triumphant vote on Monday. The governor is expected to sign the bill into law in the next few days, …

Atletico seek the start of a new Qiu Qiu Online Pkv age in Milan

Has the prospect of a Champions League Final of Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid set the football world alight?

Not exactly. Why is that?

Atletico seek the start of a new age in Milan.


Well, despite a city derby being something to relish on paper (2014’s was the first in the history of the European Cup) the pair’s rendezvous in Lisbon then proved to be such a long, drawn-out affair it has not left the continent chomping at the bit for another round.

Atletico were leading in injury time that sweaty night before Real’s last-gasp equalizer led to a white goal rush, but had they seen out the clock their victory would have been as dull as many a 1-0 in the history of the competition.

Derbies are usually hectic affairs but the huge stakes of the Champions League trophy means the final will probably be a cagey affair once more.

Atletico have never won the top prize so will not be going for broke while Real have too much experience to gamble. One point separates them in the league; they are too close to separate.

There is also the fact Spanish football is so dominant – four of the last seven Champions League finals and seven of the last twelve Europa League finals have been won by La Liga clubs, while three out of the four finalists in this season’s Qiu Qiu Online Pkv competitions are Spanish, that another all Spanish final has no novelty factor.

If Manchester City had not been so overawed by the Bernabeu on Wednesday, then their first visit to the final tie would have engendered much expectation, even if they probably would have capitulated through a lack of experience on the night.

Wolfsburg was the wildest of wildcard entries in the last eight but also froze like a deer in the Real Madrid headlights, despite holding a 2-0 first-leg lead. In that context, City’s loss does not look so bad.

Paris Saint Germain were the most exciting presence in the knock-out stages, and a win for them would have come as a welcome reassurance that French club football can compete again for the top prizes and that there exists another European centre of excellence. But it was not to be.

Based on the semi-finals, Bayern Munich were the best side still in the competition but rotten luck conspired against them in their away …

Spray of sunshine for Argentina’s Togel Primera División



When Argentina’s Primera División commences next month referees will be armed with a vanishing spray to keep defensive walls ten-yards back at free-kicks.


The aim is that refs will pace out the yards at dead-ball situations and spray a line on the ground to stop the defenders from encroaching on the set-piece taker.


The line on the pitch will then disappear within a minute without leaving a Togel lasting trace on the pitch. The scheme was successfully trialed in the second division last season and now the Argentina Football Association (AFA) has approved its use in the top flight.


The spray is contained in a 115 gram light weight aerosol can which means referees can carry it on them at all times. It is hoped that the scheme will speed play up by preventing the common disputes which crop up at dead-ball situations.


The AFA hopes the measure will put an end to the days of retaken free-kicks and needless bookings for walls creeping too close to the ball.


The invention is the brainchild of sports journalists Pablo Silva who first had the idea eight years ago when playing in an amateur league.


Silva’s team were 1-0 down when they got a free-kick on the edge of the box in the dying minutes of the match. When the kick was taken it crashed into the wall who had advanced to within three yards of the set-piece taker.


When the referee took no action despite a wave of protest the seedling of the idea had been planted in Silva’s head.


“We lost the game and, driving home later with a mixture of anger and bitterness, I thought that we must invent something to stop this.” Pablo Silva said


Silva also wondered if the problem was confined to football in Argentina or if the same thing happens all over the globe. He decided to undertake a study of behaviour at free-kicks in the professional game worldwide.


“We have observed more than 1,500 matches all over the world and we have studied how long it takes to take the free kick and how far the defensive wall moves forward.


“We have proved this is not just an Argentine problem, it happens everywhere.” Silva conceded.


He hopes that the spray he developed with chemical engineers will catch on all over …