A Chat With Chad, Creator of California Cheri Casino Hold’em – Pt 2

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First let me say, I did not know the above. (To be honest.) But I can say that I was born on August 26th and I think they left out my birthday, so screw them!


Obviously kidding.


I am aware of some of the symbolism of the deck in relation to Medieval history. That being said, poker has proven to have universal appeal. I think there is something about the nature of the game that appeals to primal instincts.


I’m a big fan of Cheri Casino tradition, and have maintained the same face cards and took efforts to preserve as much of the deck as possible. The changes I made allowed me to enact what I felt were the most optimal mathematical odds for hold’em-style poker. These odds just couldn’t be achieved with the traditional deck without making rule or game play changes. So in this case I’ll take pragmatism over tradition and hope the game speaks for itself.


My game sets out to do what it intended. I realize that if I had to rely on people purchasing decks to play the game, I’d be skeptical I could overcome that hurdle in big enough numbers to be successful.


But people are used to the Cheri Casino virtual experience now and that’s how I intend to launch the game to consumers. I think people will want to try the game and since the cards are dealt on a computer screen and the logic is the same as Texas Hold’em, people will forget it’s a different deck within a few minutes and the merits of the game will speak for themselves. Remember, it’s a game. Games only catch on if they’re fun. At least online, I don’t feel the new deck is prohibitive, though there will be some mental opposition to change. But once people try the game, I think it will hook people.


There is a much more realistic hope of positive expectations for improving in California Hold’em. So whereas Texas Hold’em has a lot of luck involved, players of my game will have more of the golf experience. As they add components to their game and shore up deficiencies, they’ll see results in a much more consistent way that is not unlike learning to fix a slice in a swing or learning to read greens. I think this will keep people coming back and feeling satisfied. I think the changes to the deck were the very best way to create this dynamic and still maintain the game play that people love. Ultimately, if I can get people to TRY the game, I don’t think it matters.


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